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  • Due Diligence Checklist
The following items are requested to submit the file for review:

You may also print a PDF version of this checklist.
  • Recorded copy of the Security Instrument (Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Contract for Deed)
  • Signed copy of the Note
  • Recorded copies of all intervening Assignments/ Warranty Deeds and Note Endorsements (if applicable)
  • Credit Report on Borrowers (if available, but not required)
  • Pay History
  • Title Policy (If the security instrument is a Deed of Trust or Mortgage this could be in the form of either a Mortgagee'/ Lender's Policy from the original sale, or a new Commitment. If the Security Instrument is a Contract for Deed a new Commitment will be required)
  • Borrower's information (mailing address, social security number, phone number)
  • Property Address, legal description, and parcel number
  • Appraisal (if available but not required)
  • Proof of insurance (if property has a structure on-site)
  • Settlement statement from the sale of the property
  Click here for a printable PDF version of this checklist.
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Our efforts stay focused on note holders. If you are a note finder, a note broker, or anyone other than the actual note holder, please do not contact us.

Proficient Note Buyers
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April 01, 2014
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April 01, 2014
Real Estate Agent, Account Exec Sentenced for Massive Mortgage Fraud
A prominent North County married couple were sentenced Thursday to more than three years in prison for a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme, centered in San Diego.

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